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H&F PCT – Your Health 2010 Festival

by Ionela Flood

Your Health 2010

NHS Hammersmith and Fulham is holding the borough’s first health and wellbeing festival in Hammersmith’s Lyric Square and Theatre on Saturday 3 July.

Your Health 2010 is running from 10am to 4pm and will be a mix of fun and serious debate on local NHS issues. With drop-in health and dental checks, along with interactive exercise sessions, the festival will be a one-stop shop for practical advice and information about health and wellbeing.

The aim is to find out what people in the borough think of our services. Plans to improve health in the borough need to be built on the views of residents and this event is the start of a genuine discussion with local people about how to improve health services and address the financial challenges facing the NHS.

The main event will be an open debate with local NHS leaders, including Jeff Zitron, NHS Hammersmith and Fulham Chair and Dr Tim Spicer, NHS Hammersmith and Fulham GP. The debate is taking part at 1pm and free tickets are available now.

There will also be short workshops running at 12:00pm on spending in healthcare and GP access, and at 2pm on young people and health, and making healthcare fair for everyone. Find out more at www.yourhealthfestival.org.uk

We want as many people as possible to attend the event, so please spread the word.

If you have a question you’d like to ask, or would like a free ticket to the open debate event, email communications@hf-pct.nhs.uk or telephone 020 3313 7254.

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