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Kind reminder London Schubert Playest at Kings Place 19 September at 20.00

by Ionela Flood

The London Schubert Players and Anda Anastasescu, the Quatuor Enesco from Paris and Musica Nova from Bilbao, would be delighted to see you next Monday 19 September at 8pm at our very special concert in the magnificent Kings Place arts centre.
It is a tribute to our remarkable European Union project, Invitation to Composers, and to its connection with George Enescu’s last work, his beautiful and transcendental Chamber Symphony for 12 Solo Instruments (piano, flute, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, double bass) that Kings Place became interested in our concert and is hosting it.
At 6.30 pm, in St Pancras Room there will be a free lecture by the distinguished professor, author and journalist Noel Malcolm, Enescu’s biographer. Please join us for the lecture and concert which will present Enescu’s Chamber Symphony for the first time in Britain ! Enescu wrote it on his deathbed and the result is a poignant testimony to his pain, regret and acceptance of his imminent mortality. The work bears similarities with the great aria of the Sphinx from his opera Oedipe in the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the Scherzo and the Adagio; but the trajectory of the work travels from darkness to light and the last movement is a combustion of light and free spirit.                             
Along the symphony you will hear some charming chamber music miniatures written by Enescu for piano trio, solo violin accompanied by strings and piano, and for the unusual combination of piano duet and solo violin.
The second half is dedicated to three works inspired by Enescu:
A Northern Symphony by Jonathan Östlund (Sweden, 1975 -) 
As I listen to Enescu’s chamber symphony with its beautiful timbre of contemplation, it’s as if it opens up a window for unfulfilled hopes and wishes to whisper farewell. It’s a truly timeless music; able to cross a bridge reaching from the past into our own time and beyond – Ostlund.
Echoes of Times Lost by Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred (Norway,1970 -)
Inspired by George Enescu’s “Chamber Symphony” my work is also inspired by an old Norwegian folk tune, probably a psalm tune from the 17th or 18th century from Valdres: ‘Oh, you beautiful years of youth, that disappear so hastily; I wanted to run on Roses and Lilies, but the world doesn’t bring that kind of circumstances’ – Skjelbred
Three Sketches by Aurelian Bacan (Romania, 1985 -) 
They represent my vision about time. The entire work sketches three ways of human existence: the illusory being, the mystical being and the tangible one – Bacan
Kings Place has a number of bars and restaurants in the foyer and by the canal, where you can spend a relaxing time between the lecture and the concert. Tickets can be purchased online or from the Box Office (Tel: 020 7520 1490). Come and have an inspiring and memorable evening with us !

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