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Power of love

by Ionela Flood

by Ionela Flood

Norway is engulfed by tears
A game of power?
extreme freedom takes it away
losing love, compassion
losing self control
making Death so clear
for the mourning mothers
for the grieving orphans

Horror crime and terror
challenging the world
scars of hidden hatred
pushing love to hell
tears of heaven given
a tsunami of despair

Stop the power game
stop the me and you
start a bigger together
to save the world
from more pain

Learn to love more, my sisters
learn to breath air not fear
then give it to the world
as an act of passion

Brothers and quiet soldiers
give your guns full hearts
and load them permanently
with the grace of love.

23 July 2011

A poem dedicated to the victims of the mass murder attack in Sundvollen and Oslo, Norway .

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