by Ionela Flood


Romanca Society launched the project “Romanca @ Home”, an annual initiative to promote cultural exchanges between Romania and the UK, with a view to supporting young talented artists from both sides.

Initiated by Romanca Society in its statement dated June 2006, this year’s event has been delivered by two sector partners working in collaboration: Romanca Society and The Association of Young Orthodox “St Antim Ivireanul” Rm Valcea, founded by “Episcopia Ramnicului”. The event was sponsored by London Visa Services Ltd and benefited from the support of Valcea County Council.

This year’s event, “The Young Performers Salon” took place at the Art Museum in Rm Valcea and featured the renowned London based pianist Carolyn Johnson- Wu. Mrs. Johnson-Wu, who is a chamber musician and a teacher in London, holds a Masters Degree in Music Performance and is an award winning musician recognised for the warmth and sincerity in her playing. The Romanian award winning violinist Tudor Andrei, currently a student at the Royal Music Academy in London also joined the event, with outstanding interpretation. In addition, young performers from Rm Valcea “School of Music”, trained with dedication by the local based professors Olteteanu, made talented contributions to this event. These were David Ionut Caliu (violin), Trestian Dumitrescu (violin), Catalin Nicolae- Draghici (piano), Marina Pangulescu (violin) and Ana- Maria Vaduva (piano).

Speaking at the launch of the event, His Grace Gherasim, Bishop of Valcea said:

“Tonight’s artistic contributions were breathtaking and I very much hope that our young artists will grow to become international artists”.

Touching on the political aspects of the imminent EU enlargement to include Romania as a Member State as from 1 January 2007, His Grace said: “I wish that the Romanian people who survived for 2000 years united under the same traditions, will manage to keep its identity in an enlarged Europe where no Constitutional provisions for religion are made. If we lose our traditions we will dissolve in Europe like a piece of salt dissolves in water.”

We wish to give special thanks to Deacon Mihai Pretorian of Bishop’s Church in Rm Valcea and the local benefactor Mr Gheorghe Diaconu without whose professional input this event could not have taken place. We also thank to all members of the public who supported and took part in the event.

In the long term, the Cultural Exchange Programme “Romanca at Home” will focus in the following key areas:

  • Ensuring a more diverse range of cultural exchanges between Romania – UK by promoting Romania, with its cultural, historic and religious heritage. Cultural tourism will create bridges for young talented Romanian artists to visit the UK and perform here.
  • Providing development opportunities for Romanian charity leaders at different stages of their careers
  • Securing a long term legacy for cultural leadership by forming delivery partnerships across the charities and business sectors to share ideas and resources and create new opportunities for collaboration.

For press enquiries contact:

Ionela Flood, Chair of Romanca Society on: +44 7816275240

Alina Dinu, Director of Programme on +44 7710 349781

The programme and its strategic delivery stages will be published on Romanca’s blog:

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