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Romanca Society participation at the 6th Festival of Peace and Volunteering , Monastir , Tunisia, December 2018- January 2019

by Ionela Flood

Romanca Society members were glad to be part of the 6 th Festival of Volunteering and Peace organised by the Youth House in Monastir at the time of Festive season , steping from 2018 in 2019 in full celebration of pace and friendship, apreciating it as best values of humanity! 

The experience of meeting 52 delegates from 14 countries is one of joy, happy surprise ,sharing a common aim – build a better awareness of individual responsibility in community development. 

This time the Director of the Festival, Selmi Beshir, invited an extensive number of organisations and people from Europe and North Africa , from the following countries  Algeria, Morocco, Egipt, Libia, Palestine, Jordan, France, Netherland, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Romania and UK. 

The Festival guests embarked for 8 days in a humanitarian mission of cultural exchange and volunteering in few cities: Monastir, Zaghouan, Ourdanime, Bembla and Lemnara. 

The guests were invited to promote the values of the Festival by interactive workshops, volunteering activities, ecological tasks, cultural events, and networking future projects ideas. 

The welcome of the local organisations and institutions was impressive, meetings being organised with officials from Ministries of Youth and Culture , as well visiting historical places. 

 The Festival this year was highlighted by the rediscovery of a culture that embrace the past and the present, hopping for a better future! 

Historical vestiges left here by the Fenicians in Bembla , by the Roman Empire at Zaguan -Temple of Water and equally at Monastir -Carthage , are just a memento for what any great civilisation can build. 

The whole experience was a constant calling for building our individual life and our communities, bearing in mind what we actually leave to the next generations as a legacy, as a heritage to treasure. 

Saying this I just want to assure you that all participants experience a wonderful spiritual gifts, the gift of openness, tolerance, peace and friendship given each day equally by the guests and by the Tunisian people. 

We hope that all those values to travel with us back in our countries, our organisations, our projects and ourselfs , the blessing of knowing Tunisia , being able to let all this memories stay with us always! 

Thank you Selmi Beshir, honored to receivere the medal of the Youth House, congratulations to The Festival of Volunteering and Peace , love you Tunisia! 

Ionela Flood & Alex Gaina 

Romanca Society

London, UK

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