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Romanca Society taking part in the EU Erasmus+ project Antalya, Turkey

by Ionela Flood

The team of Romanca Society is  taking part in the EU Erasmus+ project Antalya, Turkey in May 2019.  

The “Unemployed Entrepreneurs” is a Youth Exchange project under Erasmus+ and it has been made based on the needs of young participants from 5 countries to develop their skills, knowledge and abilities towards entrepreneurship and labour market.

The goals of the project follow the same goals of the Erasmus+ as for fight against rising unemployment rate particularly among young people.

The project helps to pass and share skills needed in the labour market and that are essential in a competitive environment. 

The project also supports cooperation and mutual enrichment in the field of non-formal education.

In accordance with the objectives of the Erasmus+, our project will report and share the successful results of the project by the participating organizations. In this way, the contribution of Erasmus+ Europe will be provided by increasing the impact and sustainability of the related projects.

Working methods; ice breakers, energizers, team building games, presentations, discussions, roleplays, workshops, area trips, evaluation activities.

Each partner´s team is composed of 1 team leader + gender balanced 6 participants aged 15-19  who can communicate in English, are active in their organisations, take part in activities organised by their organisations and are interested in gaining new competences and experience on international level. 

Partner countries are Turkey, Czech Republic, the UK, Spain and Italy.

Good luck to all participants, enjoy this learning journey !

Ionela Flood 

In behalf of the UK team 

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