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EUROPEAN ELECTIONS, THURSDAY 4 JUNE 2009-click for details.

by Ionela Flood

The next elections of the European Parliament will be on 4 June 2009. If you want a European Union that meets your needs, make sure you cast your vote in the next European elections! Every month the European Movement will be explaining why it is important for your own daily life and for Britain as a whole to cast your vote in the next elections…

The main rule of the European elections is that each single European citizen has the right to participate in the elections wherever he or she lives. Thus, all the EU citizens living in the UK can register with their local electoral office BEFORE 19TH MAY 2009.

Registering with your local electoral office enables you to vote in the UK in the upcoming European elections and can be done easily and quickly. All you need to do is:

1. Fill the registration form

2. Send it your local electoral office

But, when you register to vote in the UK, you can no longer vote in your home country. If you wish to vote in your home country, simply request to be removed from Electoral register BEFORE 19TH MAY 2009.

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