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Gold for Romanian Gimnast Marian Dragulescu

by Ionela Flood

LONDON, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Marian Dragulescu won his eighth world title on Sunday when he soared to victory in the vault but the Romanian would trade the medal in for the Olympic gold that has so far eluded him.

Dragulescu was fourth in the vault at last year’s Beijing Games after falling on the landing of his second effort and seventh in the floor exercise.

“Of course,” Dragulescu told reporters when asked if he would swap the gold around his neck for an Olympic title.

“But maybe next time, you never know,” added the 28-year-old, who also won gold in the floor exercise at the world championships in London’s O2 Arena.

Dragulescu’s double gold was a remarkable achievement for a gymnast who retired after the Olympics because of back and neck problems and only returned to training in May.

“After eight months I was feeling good. I did some work and it was okay so I said ‘why not (come back)?’,” he said.

Dragulescu, who delighted the crowd in the final by performing the spectacular vault named after him, beat compatriot Flavius Koczi. Russian Anton Golotsutskov took the bronze.

“I’m pleased — and tired,” said Dragulescu, who won his first world titles back in 2001. “I worked a lot and I’m glad because my work ended up with a medal.

“Each medal I win is more difficult to win because it’s very difficult to stay at that level at the top.”

Asked when he would consider retirement again, Dragulescu said: “It depends on my health but at the moment I’m very good.”

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Dragulescu tumbles to glory on floor exercise

The 28-year-old tumbled to glory with a score of 15.700 after performing a series of complex twists and soaring somersaults.

He eclipsed China’s Zou by 0.025.

Israel’s Alexander Shatilov was awarded the bronze with 15.575.

The Romanian gave the fans the thumbs up as he stepped on top of the podium to receive his fourth gold medal on the floor.

“Every time it’s harder so every time you win another one it’s more difficult, the work is twice or three times more so I’m very satisfied,” Dragulescu told reporters.

Apart from Dragulescu, no one else on the day had the talent or the belief to stop the Chinese.


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