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INVITATION National Photography Salon and catalog launch PHOTOGEOGRAPHY 2023

by Ionela Flood

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, starting at 6:30 p.m., we are pleased to invite you to the opening of the National Photography Exhibition “FOTOGEOGRAPHICA 2023“, which will take place at the National Library of Romania.

On this occasion, the Fotogeografica 2023 catalog will also be presented. In addition to the photos awarded in the three sections, it will also contain the most successful works from the photo gallery of the contest (online expo 

www.fotogeografica.ro  2023).

Details of the PHOTOGEOGRAPHY 2023 program,


THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION “NIŞTE ŢĂRANI” supports this noble initiative which promotes our national landmarks, of those who hold the spirit – creations, traditions, customs, but also by highlighting what this country has that is unique and still “untamed”, nature and its treasures.

The message built in this way has the ultimate goal of making others – friends, unfriends or indifferent – see us, get to know us and understand us, with our identity as Romanians, because we need it, so that we don’t get into trouble the wind of history. The event is a good opportunity for presentation and promotion, to tell the whole world who we are and why we speak Romanian, and to enjoy together the treasures of the homeland, seen through the eyes of its beautiful people.

Eng. Sorin Mihăilescu

Photos by Sorin Mihăilescu “

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