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Seasons of Life is a stunning collection of paintings

by Ionela Flood

by Ionela Flood

A Romanian-born artist who now lives in London

The exhibition, hosted at Piatra Olt, in Romanaia at The Cultural Centre Constantin Trita, showcases her unique style of blending realism and abstraction, using vibrant colours and expressive brushstrokes to capture the essence of each season.

The exhibition consists of 12 paintings, each representing a month of the year and a stage of life. Flood draws inspiration from nature, poetry, and her own personal experiences to create a visual narrative that explores the themes of love, loss, joy, and sorrow. She invites the viewers to reflect on their own journey through life and the changing seasons.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition are:

January: A snowy landscape with a tree view towards a distant snowed mountain. The painting evokes a sense of solitude and hope in the midst of darkness.
April: A spring scene with colourful flowers and trees in bloom. The painting conveys a feeling of renewal and optimism after a long winter.
July: A summer abstract with flowering lilies . The painting expresses a mood of romance and happiness in the warm sunshine.
October: An autumn forest with falling leaves and a deer . The painting depicts a sense of nostalgia and beauty in the fading nature.

Seasons of Life is a captivating exhibition that showcases the talent and vision of Ionela Flood. Her paintings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also emotionally engaging and thought-provoking. The exhibition is open until October 31, 2023, and is well worth a visit.

Ionela Flood is known as a writer and as cultural manager for the last 23 years developing projects in EU & worldwide for Romanian community.
For the visual art exhibition Season of life Ionela Flood presented also her anthological poetry volume Metamorphic Crown, published at Transylvanian Ed. 2023, London, UK .

Ionela Flood curatorial activity that started at the Cultural Center UNESCO Mihai Eminescu in Bucharest presenting exhibitions of painting and photography in the period 1997-2001, which continued in Greece at Icomos 2000, Italy-Bologna 2001 and in Great Britain- London 2003-2008 with various exhibitions supported by the Romanca Society, Radio Tv Unirea and Transylvanian Edition.

  • Between 2008-2017 Ionela Flood organized artistic residencies at her studio at Wimbledon Art Studio, London, having the chance to host Romanian artists from around the world: Adina Romanescu, George Bodocan, Ioan Astalus, Cosmin Cocis, Adela Ursache, Aurelia Chiriac Carabinieru, Armine Vosganian, and Diana Busuioc Anghelson.
  • Ionela Flood debuted with caricature artworks at the Hammersmith Cultural Festival 2007-2009, continuing with collective exhibitions of illustrations and poetry 2010-2018.
  • Starting with 2019, Ionela passion for painting took off, debuting in London with a personal exhibition entitled “Heritage – The tip of the iceberg” in 2021 and a collective exhibition “Romanian Artists from Great Britain” organized by Romanian Cultural Center, London in 2022.
  • Ionela contributed to the book illustration of the volume “ Just 3 words” by Gyuris Adalbert from Germany, launched in London in December 2022.
  • The Sublime creative camp organized Ionela visual art exhibition ,” Flowers & Fairies “ , in Cluj, Romania, in June 2023.
  • Ionela participated with 2 artwork at the International Symposium on Culture and Spirituality “Dimitrie Cantemir 300-promoter of Romanian humanism and pre-enlightenment from the XVII-XVIII centuries” organized by the Appolon Association in Cluj, Romania, in August 2023.
  • The works of Ionela Flood artwork collection were selected in the film “Psyched”, directed by Anca Maria Vaida, being presented in over 25 competitions, winning numerous international awards in 2023.
    Seasons of Life exhibition is continuing Ionela Flood artistic search for transcending the reality by art expression, is worth to follow her artistic journey, as she painting metaphors, and write poetry in images.

Ioan Astalus “

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