by Ionela Flood

Please open the labour market to the romanian and bulgarian.

The British fertility rate is 1.66 child per woman, much smaller than the 2.1 child per woman fertility rate required JUST TO REPLACE THE CURRENT POPULACE. Our 31 million people strong workforce will SHRINK by 7 million people by 2035 if no more immigrants arrive. Starting from 2011, the workforce of the EU as a whole will be shrinking. In Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova (75% of Moldovans are eligible for Romanian passports) there are millions of workers – unemployed or earning an abysmal wage – who are currently not allowed to immigrate to Britain. Please open the labour market to them.


Please confirm the link that will be send by e-mail in order to account your vote.

Thank you!

Ionela Flood
Romanca Society

Va rugam deschideti piata muncii pentru romani si bulgari!

Va rugam sa semnati acesta petitie daca doriti ridicarea restrictiilor pentru romani si bulgari pe ppiata muncii din Marea Britanie.

Pentru aceasta accesati


apoi introduceti datele tale personale (numele si prenumelein prima casuta, adresa de email si confirmarea precum si adresa unde locuiti in Marea Britanie). Nu uitati sa confirmati semnatura Dvs. prin accesarea linkului care va fi trimis prin email ulterior.

Va multumim!
Ionela Flood
Societatea Romanca

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