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by Ionela Flood

Romanca” Society is inviting you to take part in a new initiative called “Saturday Club Project”.
We would like to promote a way of social integration of the young members of our community by preserving our cultural identity in the British multicultural society.
We would like the new generation to be able to learn and speak Romanian language as well as English, and especially to introduce and promote the Romanian traditions within the English society.
This project addresses to parents with children aged 4 years old and above.
We will learn, with a Romanian qualified teacher, to write correctly in Romanian, what poems Mihai Eminescu wrote, what pickles Ion Creanga did, from where does the Danube spring and how were the Romanian Principalities united. We will all learn about specifics traditions from different areas of our country and we will keep in touch with those at home to always know what our Romanians are doing and to tell them what we are doing.
We will all going to sing in one voice with the Romanians from home ‘Desteapta-te Romane’ and pray at the beginning of the day for God to look after us at every step. Together we will grow spiritually and culturally in the English society and we will learn to adapt to a modern lifestyles, enjoying as well our cultural and linguistic identity as Romanians.
We will learn about the English traditions and Romanian traditions and above all we will learn to live together keeping the motherland in our hearts.

If you like to know how to take part in this project as a parent or as volunteer please contact the Project Coordinator Raluca Milodin on mobile 07593033445 or e-mail rallu_13@yahoo.com.

We are looking forward to hear from you.
Ionela Flood, Chair, “Romanca” Society . http:/aupairclub.blogspot.com/, www.romanca.co.uk

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